Are you spending thousands or even millions on expensive advertising and marketing campaigns to win new customers, only to lose them over time to competitors?

The problem you’re facing is that there tends to be a lack of real communication or relationship building with your existing customers, and instead the customer service you have in place is just to churn through the calls and get them off the phone as fast as possible.

As a result, customers often feel disappointed and are much less likely to buy from you in the future or continue using any of your services. This is a serious issue because that means you have to find new customers all over again, which means you need to spend more money for every new sale.

We’re here to teach you how you can increase the lifetime value of every customer, and even come to a point where you can get constant streams of sales and new customers even if you stop using paid advertising.

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Who is Dario Cucci?

Hi, my name is Dario Cucci and I am the CEO and Founder of On-Call-Business Ltd, a business that helps other businesses optimize their communication strategies within their customer service, support and sales departments as well as their internal management.

I grew up in Switzerland where I worked in the hospitality and entertainment industry for about 5 years after I finished my apprenticeship as an office worker. But after a while I got bored and found that there is more to explore for me than what I can do living and working in Switzerland, so I decided to move to Australia where I live and worked for over 15 Years before moving back to Switzerland.

During my time in Australia I worked in the corporate fitness and self-development industry for a very long time, working my way up from being a personal trainer to working in the self-development industry as one of the top sales executives and trainers, doing sales over the phone as well leading sales and customer service teams with the companies I worked with.
During my Time in Australia I had the pleasure of working with leading speakers and coaches such as Jamie McIntyre, Anthony Robbins, Chris Howard, Dr. Joanna Martine, Lou Harty, Ben Angel just to name a few. I educated myself by attending their trainings and implementing their strategies as well as getting my own certification as an NLP Master Practitioner.

After 15 years of successfully being one of the top leaders in my field and having hold my own seminars I decided that it is time to move back to Switzerland to be closer to my family.
During the last 3 Years living and working again in Switzerland I saw that the same Problems that Companies have in Australia they have here in Switzerland when it comes to looking after the customers. So I decided it is time to share my knowledge and experience with businesses that I gained over the 20 Years working in the customer service related industry such as events management, coaching, self-development, education and entertainment industries.

That’s when, in 2015, I started with On-Call-Business. Now in 2016 my Plan is to share my Message and help as many businesses not only in Switzerland but across the World. So for 2016 I have plans to hold Seminars in Munich, London and Zürich.

At the same time I will be holding webinars and provide 1 on 1 as well as group coaching services online for company owners that do not have the time to travel to attend the live seminars I am holding. So that way they still will have the opportunity to work with me and implement the strategies I teach them to do so they be able to maximize their profits whilst providing better customer service and optimize their public market reputation.

How Can I Help You?

I help businesses of all sizes to implement strategies that will allow them to turn their customer service department and sales communication into 300% more sales per month, so they can increase revenue and keep their customers happy instead of losing them to their competitors.

The communication strategies you learn can be applied immediately, and have been proven to work in any business.

I have taught these same strategies to businesses and professional around the world. I bring along over 20 years of experience, having worked in a variety of different industries applying those communication strategies in sales, leadership, and customer service.

With 3 of the Australian companies I worked with I made each company an additional sales revenue on phone sales of over $1,000,000 dollars within 12 months. I did this selling only intangible information and coaching products of other international speakers and mentors.

Implementing what you learn from me, you will save thousands or even millions on wasted advertising costs as I will show you how to build trust with your existing customers, who will then naturally refer more customers to you through a proven communication referral system to grow your business.

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